Thursday, June 24, 2021

GLOG Hack: Godkillers

 At last, friends, I do believe it is time. I've been working on this hack on and off for roughly eight months, ever since I first joined the GLOG community, and it has evolved massively from the scope I had originally planned. And the scariest thing is that it's still going upwards. But I'll talk about my plans afterwards. Right now, I present my magnum opus, the big kahuna: Godkillers!

Faerie Tale, Fish, King, Poisson, Roi



  • The best dice, the d12.
  • Post level 4 progression because you're gonna kill some Gods, kid.
  • A generally higher power level than most GLOG hacks, though still very deadly.
  • A word-based magic system that allows absolute freedom to cast whatever the hell you want.
  • Universal Templates: one level classes allowing for even more customisation.
  • I have playtested this a lot and am still not sure how balanced most of this is.
  • So many classes. Like genuinely, I look at this and wonder when I found the time to write all this.
  • An ancestry table and an alternate advanced ancestry system.
  • Probably a bunch I forgot to talk about. Go read it and find the rest.
Plans for the future:
  • A hirelings and retainers system.
  • More Ancestries and Classes.
  • A domain system.
  • Weapon and armor crafting.
  • Alchemy and potion making.
  • Tier 3: Godkiller.
  • Psionic and Magictech Classes.
  • Vehicle rules (Ships, Spaceships, Horses)
  • Corruptions (I've already finished two but I want a few more before I do a release)
  • Better monster rules and a Bestiary of some kind.
  • Some dungeons and adventures specifically for the system.
  • Magic items.
As you can see, there is still a lot I want to do, but I am happy with what I've thrown together so far. Quite a few playtests have been done, but far more are definitely necessary. Please, please tell me your thoughts, whether through the comments or discord DMs. Godspeed, friends, and await more content coming soon!

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  1. This is a really excellent piece of what I would call "Kitchen Sink" design, executed wonderfully. I await with bated breath and plenty of popcorn for the Tier 3 classes!