Saturday, January 23, 2021

Vayra Asks...

 I'm back-ish. After sickness and stress taking over for a while, we hope I can start uploading regularly again. Here's a few questions from Vayra, who you may remember from a review I did a few months back (weekly reviews, hah). I have answered to the best of my ability.

1) What class knows the most martial arts? Are they real martial arts like kung fu, or made up ones like krav maga?

For Godkillers, take the Brawler universal template. With that, you may use your fists as deadly weapons and take any other class with it. Flavour it however you want. For Pandaemonium, I haven’t implemented any yet, no.

2) Can I start out having already made a deal with the devil or do I have to do that in game?

Please do both. Especially in Pandaemonium. Kind of the whole point of that system.

3) Do you want me to write an 8-page backstory? Can I write an 8-page backstory, if I want to? If I write something down in it like I'm the timelost princess of the brass city and the daughter of the sun and I commanded legions in the Hell War but was betrayed by my father's vizier but I don't know that, or that I'm elf conan and cooler than everyone else, will that be true?

I like long backstories, but not if they are overly self-indulgent. For my more 5e-ish campaigns, at least a page of backstory for me to pull from and ruin your life with is a requirement. It allows me to bring your character in and let you do your own worldbuilding and be more involved in the process. For GLOG and OSR games, write long backstories at your own risk. You had better write three or four, just in case. I hold nothing back.

4) If I eat someone's heart, will I gain their powers? What about their brain?

No clue, but I am 100% willing to find out what happens if you do. I’d say it very much depends on the source of the organ. Though I do have an entire class based around eating organs to gain power.

5) These classes are boring, can I be one from somewhere else? What about from a different system entirely?

Not at the start. I need to playtest. But for the long haul, I’m entirely fine with it as long as it's cool and doesn’t clash with the tone of the game. There is, however, only so much conversion I’m willing to do for you.

6) If I make a sword, which one of us gets to name it?

You do, with input and approval from me. It’ll hurt all the more when you die and I get to take it all from you, or one of your companions takes it and carries on your legacy. I live on drama.

7) Am I allowed to kill the other player characters? What would I have to do to be allowed to? Do I win if I kill them all? Actually, how do I win in general?

Now this is very dependent on what kind of game I’m running. For nearly everything, I want you to talk to both me and the player in question to make sure everyone is on board. You win if you complete your character’s final goal. If that is killing the rest of the party, then brilliant. However, if we’re playing Pandaemonium, stab everyone in the back if it means getting more power. Every person for themselves in Hell.

8) What language stands in for 'Common'? Or what are we all talking to each other in? Like the party, mostly, but also everyone else?

In Godkillers, it's the language of the Kings, a version of the language spoken by the Author in the beginning of the world. In the Barrierlands specifically, it’s a dialect of Infernal due to millions of years spent under the rule of demons. In Pandaemonium, it’s the Foul Tongue, first spewed from the lips of Gharakha of the Endless Pit to allow his eternal armies of monstrosities to communicate.

9) How do I learn how to talk to rocks? No not once a day just, like, normally?

Be a dwarf, a wizard or learn a specific miracle.

10) Which kinds of wizards get to serve kings and live in towers and shit and which ones are run out of town or stoned to death in the streets? Can I be both? At the same time?

Wizards who keep their mouths shut get to serve kings. Wizards who talk too much might start speaking in Truespeech and raze a town or two. You cannot be both. Sorcerers get to be both, but they’re all gone.

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